Nirvana Over the World and Air Arabia Host a Fam Trip in Abu Dhabi for Top Lebanese Travel Agents

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Nirvana Over The World (N.O.W), a leading B2B brand under the Nirvana Holding Group, in collaboration with Air Arabia, recently organized a fam trip for top travel agents from Lebanon to experience and promote the rich culture, hospitality, and diverse tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi.

During the fam trip, the participants were treated to a range of immersive experiences, including guided tours to some of the city’s most iconic tourist destinations, such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace, Qasr Al Watan, Heritage Village, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi, and Yas Island theme parks. The itinerary was designed to give the participants a well-rounded view of Abu Dhabi’s diverse attractions and provide them with ample inspiration to promote the city as a travel destination.

Speaking about the fam trip, Lina Bassam, CEO of Nirvana Over The World, said “We’re excited to provide our esteemed guests with an opportunity to explore and promote Abu Dhabi as a prime travel destination. Our aim is to offer the best travel experiences to our clients, and this fam trip to Abu Dhabi was an ideal opportunity to showcase the best the city has to offer.”

Air Arabia played a vital role in ensuring the fam trip’s success by offering the participants complimentary return tickets from Abu Dhabi. This added benefit made the experience even more enjoyable and hassle-free for the participants, who were able to fully immerse themselves in the various cultural and tourist attractions that Abu Dhabi has to offer.

The fam trip received positive feedback from the participants, with many expressing their enthusiasm for promoting Abu Dhabi as a travel destination. One participant commented, “The fam trip provided us with an opportunity to experience the best of what Abu Dhabi has to offer. We were impressed with the range of experiences we had during the trip, and we’re eager to share our experiences with our clients and encourage them to explore Abu Dhabi.”

N.O.W is committed to promoting Abu Dhabi as a prime travel destination and has several initiatives planned to invite industry professionals globally to explore the city’s offerings. This fam trip to Abu Dhabi was just one such initiative, and N.O.W looks forward to providing many more such opportunities to its guests in the future.

About Nirvana Over The World:

In 2015, Nirvana Travel & Tourism decided to open a wholesaler department and develop a B2B online booking engine which started with Hotels, Transportation, and Sightseeing Online services. Initially, they sold their products to agents for the UAE local market. They further developed their services and added new flights/cruises and Visa services. They also focused on the quality of the services by approaching the service providers and getting competitive and exclusive prices. Then they started expanding to other markets and opened a branch in KSA. The services achieved great success in this particular market.

Later on, they completely focused on improving the quality of their services and signed commercial agreements with the most prominent international hotel chains. Having established a successful business, they decided to upgrade from department to a standalone company. They remodelled themselves with a new brand name “N.O.W. NIRVANA OVER THE WORLD”, along with the new name they celebrated the opening of their new branch in Egypt, to cover the constantly increasing demand in the travel business and for their clients and hired 95 new staff members. Simultaneously, they started operating the offline support and 24/7 online support.

About Nirvana Holding:

Nirvana Holding was established in January 2021 with the sole purpose of overseeing the sustainable international growth and the expansion of its four large-scale independent entities, Nirvana Travel & Tourism, Nirvana Global Travel, Nirvana Over the World, and Nirvana Tours & Logistics. As the leading Travel and Tourism Management Company in the UAE, Nirvana Holdings aims to grow further on a scale as yet unsurpassed by competitors in the region. In order to build a seamless global ecosystem, the company implements an innovative approach that is well backed by strong corporate leadership. Key aspects of the process include,

Integrating state-of-the-art technology

Expanding current global relationships

Partnering with new international suppliers

Implementing world-class management platforms

All brands under the Nirvana Holding group undergo constant modernization and development that allows for cohesion across businesses and equitable, sustainable returns for all.