Nirvana Holdings was established in January 2021 with the sole purpose of overseeing the sustainable international growth and the expansion of its four large-scale independent entities, Nirvana Travel & Tourism, Nirvana Global Travel, Nirvana Over the World, and Nirvana Tours & Logistics. As the leading Travel and Tourism Management Company in the UAE, Nirvana Holdings aims to grow further on a scale as yet unsurpassed by competitors in the region. In order to build a seamless global ecosystem, the company implements an innovative approach that is well backed by strong corporate leadership. Key aspects of the process include,

  • Integrating state-of-the-art technology
  • Expanding current global relationships
  • Partnering with new international suppliers
  • Implementing world-class management platforms

    All brands under the Nirvana Holdings group undergo constant modernization and development that allows for cohesion across businesses and equitable, sustainable returns for all.

Group CEO Message

Welcome to Nirvana Holding. Despite our short history, we have established ourselves as an outstanding travel service provider since 2007 as Nirvana Travel & tourism and continually expanding into new and different sectors of the global travel market.

Nirvana Holding has grown tremendously by strategically investing in communication systems, information technology, sourcing the experienced and talented staff and expanding beyond UAE.

I would like to express my appreciation to our customers for their ongoing trust, and to the management and staff of Nirvana Holding and our group divisions

Alaa Alali