Nirvana EMC Mercedes Buses

Nirvana EMC Mercedes Buses

Abu Dhabi, August 25, 2021: Nirvana Tours & Logistic – NTL has acquired a fleet of Mercedes-Benz Luxury Buses from Emirates Motor Company – EMC. The deal includes ten first-class buses with luxurious amenities, state-of-the-art technological attachments and sophisticated interior design. The buses have the latest technology to suit the needs of the UAE’s luxury travelers. The two companies formally announced and celebrated this milestone deal during an official ceremony held at the Nirvana Holding – Head Offices at the Marina Breakwater in Abu Dhabi.

During the occasion, Mr. Omar Al Ali – CEO Nirvana Tours & Logistics said, “The new buses are part of our ongoing plan to provide our clients the highest levels of luxury and safety. We thank Emirates Motor Company for providing us with this state-of-the-art fleet. These buses will be utilized for exciting upcoming projects, and to suit a growing demand from our clients. Our agreement and partnership with Emirates Motor Company is built on several years of trust, during which they have provided a massive fleet of buses and cars.”

Mr. Bilal Ezzedeen AlRibi, EMC General Manager – EMC CV, speaking on the occasion said, “We are proud that our buses are among Nirvana Travel & Tourism’s fleet, being one of the leading companies in the industry. We are looking forward to enhance our partnership and collaboration with Nirvana Travel & Tourism.”

According to Mr. Ahmad Jallad, EMC Sales Manager; “Mercedes-Benz buses are one of the best and most reliable transport vehicles that can be used for travel, it’s all about moving people with luxury and safety. I’m confident that our buses will always meet NTL objectives and satisfy their clients. We look forward to announce more in the future. ”   

Mr. Omar Al Ali, the CEO of Nirvana Tours & Logistics to the effects of the brand-new fleet, “We want each individual exploring our services to feel special. Our aim is to leave a memorable experience for all of our clients. We are confident that Emirates Motor Company will always satisfy our needs and requirements and provide us with the latest luxury fleets to suit evolving needs.”

About Nirvana Tours & Logistics

Nirvana Tours and Logistics is a specialized Logistics company based in the UAE, with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, and is a sister company to Nirvana Travel & Tourism which was established in 2007. As a part of Nirvana Holdings, the company draws on a wealth of experience in the travel market to offer unique, quality services to UAE government, corporate, private and retail clients all over the country and internationally. The company professionally manages hotel booking, transportation, event management, group tours, and more. In 2021, Nirvana Tours and Logistics expanded their offerings to spearhead the company’s commitment to addressing logistics needs, with a dedicate in-house fleet of vehicles and a highly experienced team. The company offer expert logistics solutions, while offering the same level of quality care expected from a member of the Nirvana Holding.

About Emirates Motor Company

FAHIM Group, has earned the Special Achievement Award presented by Daimler for their innovative power, exceptional overall performance and business excellence.

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