Executive Director of Nirvana Travel Confirms: Family Week Abu Dhabi Promotes Leisure Tourism

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Omar Al Ali, Executive Director of Nirvana Travel and Tourism confirms: “Family Week Abu Dhabi, organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi from 19 to 28 September, will contribute to the revitalization of family and leisure tourism in the Capital.

He praised the Department’s efforts in organizing such a family entertainment event, which includes an action-packed program and a variety of recreational and educational events for children and families, Omar commented, “Such events are perfect for all members of the family and give great impetus to domestic tourism since it attracts visitors from different cities of the UAE as well.”

He stressed that Abu Dhabi has become a leading destination for family tourism in the UAE, the region and the world.

The event program also featured the popular music show ‘Baby Shark’ by Korean Fung Bank and for the first time in the Middle East, the Abu Dhabi Children’s Choice Awards.

Most noteworthy is the MILSET Expo-Sciences International 2019, from September 24 to 26, which will be held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, where more than 500 young adults from the UAE and 2,000 people from 68 other countries will participate in the scientific and technological programs aimed at encouraging and aspiring young scientists into creativity and innovation.