DEALZ Retail – A new venture by Nirvana Travel and Tourism

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DEALZ aims to connect directly with travelers with the best available market deals for their travel needs – from flights to hotels and other travel services including visa processing


Abu Dhabi: Nirvana Travel and Tourism, one of UAE’s leading travel and tourism management companies has made its foray into the world of travel retail with its brand-new offering – DEALZ. The brand’s expansion into retail sales aims to diversify its portfolio of offerings beyond the existing successful corporate segmentation. DEALZ aims to connect directly with travelers with the best available market deals for their travel needs – from flights to hotels and other travel services including visa processing.

Nirvana Travel and Tourism, part of the Nirvana Holding group, has existing offices in over 40 locations around the UAE and the world, managing predominantly government, semi-government, and corporate entities in the region. With DEALZ, the brand offers a direct-to-consumer approach in easily accessible locations. DEALZ customers can avail travel services including Flight and Hotel bookings, Car Rentals, Insurance and Visas, and even directly book Hajj & Omrah and Holiday Packages.

DEALZ has opened its doors in 16 locations across the UAE so far, with another 10 further locations planned for Q1 of 2022. The offices are in high-traffic areas like malls, hypermarkets, and prominent public service offices where there are walk-in customers. The ease of access and processing make these locations ideal for retail customers looking for a simple travel booking experience at the best market rates.

Speaking about the launch of DEALZ – Mr. Alaa Al Ali, CEO of Nirvana Holding, said, “Our new venture into retailing with DEALZ, is with a concept of taking our 16+ services to the customer directly. With the new DEALZ retail offices across the UAE, our plan is to connect with our customers directly, to offer them the best rates coupled with industry-envied customer service and experience. We, at Nirvana, believe that this is a void which we can fill with our commitment to true care! We are extremely excited about this new venture and intend to expand this model across all the countries we operate in and where we plan to expand in near future”

DEALZ is currently present in the following locations – Abu Dhabi, Sila, Ghayathi, Mirfa, Madinat Zayed Sanayah, Sweihan, Mussafah, Samha, Shahama, Mazyad Mall, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Dubai and Mafraq – with a few locations hosting more than one outlet. The brand plans further expansions with new outlets in remote cities in the UAE in the upcoming year.

About Nirvana Travel and Tourism

Nirvana Travel and Tourism was established in 2007 in Abu Dhabi, UAE as a full‐fledged travel and tourism management company, catering to both regional and global clients. Positioned right at the heart of the UAE’s travel boom, the company is today, one of the largest and most preferred travel management companies in the UAE and the Middle East, with 40 global branches and a dedicated team of 400+ travel professionals.

Key offerings include travel management and planning, innovative corporate travel solutions, visa processing, concierge assistance, event logistics, and retail and wholesale services, and first-class and VIP services for diverse private, government, and semi-government clients.

A strong global presence, cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled staff set Nirvana Travel and Tourism apart from other players in the market. Over the years, the company has consistently offered best-in-class service, unparalleled attention to detail, and diligence, which has earned the company a solid reputation as one of the region’s most trusted travel management companies.